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History of Massachusetts Broken Stone CompanyPaving Crew

The Massachusetts Broken Stone Company was founded in the late 1800’s by Arthur J. Wellington, a pioneer in the crushed stone business. Mr. Wellington operated crushing plants along the east coast as far south as the Carolinas. In 1898, Henry O. Robinson began working for Mr. Wellington. After leaving to pursue his own interest for a number of years, Mr. Robinson returned to work for the company, and eventually acquired an ownership interest. Massachusetts Broken Stone was incorporated in 1908, and the company is currently owned and operated by the descendants of Henry O. Robinson.

One of Massachusetts Broken Stone’s earliest quarries, the Castle Hill Quarry located in Salem, MA, opened in 1890. Over the decades the Company has operated quarries in several locations in Massachusetts. Of note is the Weston or “Stony Brook” Quarry located off of the Boston Post Road in Weston, MA. The Stony Brook Quarry operated from 1902 to 2001. Two large quarry pits were mined out of the hard igneous rock. One pit reached a depth of 385 feet while the other, 425 feet.

Currently, the Massachusetts Broken Stone Company operates two quarries: Holden Trap Rock located in Holden, MA, and Berlin Stone Company in Berlin, MA. Operating since 1938 and 1961, respectfully, both facilities have significant reserves, capable of supplying the needs of our customers for decades to come.

The Massachusetts Broken Stone Company has been an innovator in the production of crushed stone aggregate and HMA (Hot Mix Asphalt.) Through our construction division, MBS Construction Services, we also install hot mix asphalt.